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  Lucy Robertson started working at a takeaway food business to supplement her income during her student days at Edinburgh University, Several years later she had bought the business and now, 17 years on, she owns Grapevine Caterers, probably Scotland's leading independent caterers, with a turnover of almost £6m.

  She had never planned to own a business, and had certainly never considered a career in catering. (0)... ... . However, her unplanned career began in 1985, when she returned to Edinburgh and discovered that the takeaway she had worked in was up for sale. On impulse, she bought it, but admits that at the time she knew nothing about catering. (8).........It was a difficult time, but essential in terms of gaining the experience she needed. The late 1980s boom was good for business, with large numbers of office workers wanting takeaway food for their lunches. (9)........'At one point there were 26 food outlets within a 5-kilometre radius,' Robertson recalls. As the economy changed and the once packed office blocks started tobecome vacant, it became clear that Robertson would need to diversify.(10)........It changed the direction of the company for good.

  As Robertson began to win catering contracts, she decided that the company would have to move to larger premises. In 1994, the move was made when she bought another catering business that already had a number of profitable contracts for boardroom lunches.

  Meanwhile, Robertson's main competitor, the oldest catering company in Edinburgh, was causing her some anxiety. 'Customer loyalty is not to be underestimated,' she warns. But Robertson is not someone who is easily put off.(11)........Partly as a result of this, turnover doubled, and having outgrown another site, Robertson bought a city-centre location for the group's headquarters.

  By now, Grapevine's main competitor was a new catering company called Towngates. Although Robertson tried to raise enough money to buy Towngates, she did not succeed.Then luck intervened and Towngates went bankrupt. (12)........Many accepted and the company's turnover went from £700,000 to £l .5 million almost overnight.

  However, the company's growth was not as smooth as it sounds in retrospect. Robertson admits, 'We were close to the edge during the growth period. Like many under-capitalised companies trying to grow, it might easily have collapsed.' But that, she feels, is the challenge of developing your own business.

  A But there are plenty of similar contracts to be won in the east of Scotland before Robertson turns her attention elsewhere.

  B Her way round this particular problem was to recruit the catering manager of the rival company.

  C But this demand was short-lived, and before long, increasing competition made it harder to make a profit.

  D 'It was a dramatic learning curve and very small amounts of money were earned at first,’says Robertson.

  E She decided that the solution, since many companies required working lunches for meetings with clients, was to prepare and deliver meals to business premises.

  F On hearing this, Robertson immediately contacted all of their clients and offered the services of Grapevine Caterers.

  G Instead, she studied accountancy after leaving university, and a steady if unspectacular professional path seemed set.


  《Buffet Zone》,自助餐區域,在這篇文章里的意思應該是自助餐領域,講的是一個在自助餐領域取得了驚人成績的杰出女性創業故事。這套題目不難,尤其比起第四輯的題目。文章本身有很清晰的故事發展脈絡,選項和原文的對應也比較明顯。文章的幾個段落是按照時間先后、故事發生的先后進行的,很明確。第一段是總括,第二段是講的創業起步階段的一些困難以及應對困難的對策,第三段是公司好轉后的辦公室重置(relocation),第四、五段是公司的競爭情況,最后一段總結。

  第八題,前面說一時沖動她買下了這個外賣餐館(takeaway),事實上那個時候她對餐飲業一無所知?崭窈竺嬲f的是這段時間很困難,但是對獲得所需要的經驗卻是很有必要的。所以第八題的空格部分應該填入跟學習、積累經驗有關的內容。D選型最吻合,It was a dramatic learning curve,這里的learning是關鍵詞,很明顯的答案信號。還有very small amounts of money were earned at first,at first也是關鍵詞。

  第九題,空格前面說large numbers of office workers wanting takeaway food for their lunches,大量的辦公室員工需要外賣食品做午飯,這里的wanting是個很關鍵的詞?崭窈竺嬖掍h一轉,說曾經一度5公里內有26家食品商店,但是經濟轉變了,一條街都空了(blocks started to become vacant)。從上下文來分析,第九空的內容應該和辦公室員工的外賣需求有關,同時帶有轉折意思。C選項完全符合這一條件:但是這種需求是短暫的,不久,逐漸增長的競爭使得贏得利潤變得更加困難。


  第十一題,這一題才應該選B,前面說競爭對手給自己造成了很大的困擾。但是Robertson卻不是那么容易屈服的人。后面說部分原因是這個,營業額翻倍了。所以中間應該也是填入對策。和競爭對手有關的,應該選B,B的particular是個關鍵詞,rival company也很明顯。

  第十二題,前面說Robertson想收購一個競爭對手,但是沒成功,結果人家公司自己破產倒閉了。后面來了一個many accepted,可以看出這中間應該填入的是人家公司破產后Robertson的一些舉措。F滿足這一條件:一聽到這些,Robertson馬上聯系他們的客戶并且提供了自己公司的服務。 疑似生詞和句子

  1、buffet: a meal at which people serve themselves from a table and then stand or sit somewhere else to eat 自助餐


  a、a restaurant that cooks and sells food that you take away and eat somewhere else 外賣餐館

  b、a meal that you buy at this type of restaurant 外賣的飯菜;外賣食物

  3、in retrospect: thinking about a past event or situation, often with a different opinion of it from the one you had at the time 回顧

  4、under-capitalised: (about a business) not having enough money (capital) to be able to operate normally, pay debts and grow 資金不足。

  5、Instead, she studied accountancy after leaving university, and a steady if unspectacular professional path seemed set.

  這個句子里if的用法比較少見,參見朗文的解釋:used when adding one criticism of a person or thing that you generally like

  e.g: Lunch was a grand if rather noisy affair.




  BEC初級(BEC Preliminary):465元

  BEC中級(BEC Vantage): 580元

  BEC高級(BEC Higher):725元




  例:We recognize that China’s long-term modernization program understandably and necessarily emphasizes economic growth.我們認識到,中國的長期現代化計劃以發展經濟為重點,這是可以理解的,也是必要的。



  例1:These cheerful little trams,dating back to 1 873,chug and sway up the towering hills with bells ringing and people hanging from every opening.這些令人歡快的小纜車建于1873年,嘎嚓嘎嚓搖擺爬上高聳的山巒。車上鈴兒叮當作響,每個窗口都是人。(介詞短語分澤)

  例2:The military is forbidden to kill the vessel,a relatively easy task.軍方被禁止擊毀這艘潛艇,雖然要擊毀它并不怎么費事。(名詞短語分譯)



  1. 詞性的轉換

  如:Please let US know if our terms are acceptable.請告知是否接受我方條款。(形容詞acceptable轉類為動詞)

  2. 句型的轉換

  如:We have to make it sure that the remittance of commission made as such is not against local regulations.我們得確保這樣匯付傭金不違反當地規定。



  例:In international buying and selling of goods, there are a number of risks, which, if they occur, will involve traders in financial losses.【分析】

  按意群的關系,該句可以拆分為四部分:In international buying and selling of goods/there are a number of risks/if they occur/which will involve traders in financial losses.原文各句的邏輯關系,表達次序與漢語基本一致,因此可以按原文譯出。參考譯文:(在)國際貿易貨物的買賣(中)存在著各種各樣的風險,這些風險的發生將會給(有關的)商人們帶來經濟損失。



  例:Unless you are prepared to eat in silence you have to talk about something--something,that is,other than the business deal which you are continually chewing over in your mind.


  該句可以拆分為四部分:Unless you are prepared to eat in silence/you have to talk about something/_something,that is,other than the business deal/which you are continually chewing over in your mind.這句英語長句的敘述層次與漢語邏輯相反,所以宜用逆譯法。參考譯文:吃飯時你必須隨便談些與生意無關的事情,否則你只能埋頭吃飯。你什么都可以談,但就是不能談你腦子里一直在反復琢磨的生意。



  open policy預約保險

  flexible container軟包裝

  bill of lading(B/L)提單

  P.D. (physical distribution)實物配送

  D.W.T(dead weight tonnage)載重

  shipping documents裝船單據

  FOB(free on board)船上交貨價

  Force Majeure不可抗拒力


  general average共同海損














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