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  The bank with ideas

  With several hundred years of history behind it, the APL Bank has few problems in convincing businesses that it is reputable and secure__21__ of a range of banking serving. Now, it is demonstrating to business customers that it is flexible and responsive enough to ___22___ their changing needs in the 21st century.

  Based in London, APL offers banking services to businesses throughout the UK via its branch __23___. Most customer service provision is ___24_ out by personal account managers based in local branches, together with ___25__ staff at company headquarters.

  An important ___26__for APL has been to make it easy for customers to __27__business with the bank. They can contact their account manager by direct line or email; if the manager is on holiday, a carefully chosen colleague becomes the ‘account contact’ and ___28__with the customer during the manager’s ___29___. In addition, for those who want ___30__ to their bank at any time of day or night there is now a 24-hour phone-based service.

  In order to remain competitive and build customer loyalty, the bank guarantees to turn around urgent loan___31__within 24 hours. This focus on the customer has also been a driving __32__in APL’s recruitment and development policy. For example, newly inducted staff ___33__a ‘customer service review’ to find out what it is like to be on the other side of the desk, asking to borrow money.

  Together, these ___34__in banking have achieved excellent results. The customer__35___is growing fast, and last year the bank gained 36,000 new business accounts.



  21. A. producer B. supplier C. provider D. giver

  22. A achieve B. reach C meet D. assist

  23. A. system B. web C. grid D. network

  24. A. taken B. brought C. carried D. put

  25. A. aid B. support C. guidance D. backing

  26. A. objective B. purpose C. direction D. scheme

  27. A do B. run C. make D. have

  28. A copes B. arranges C. handles D. deals

  29. A vacancy B. departure C. absence D. retirement

  30. A access B. entrance C. approach D. opening

  31. A. demands B. applications C. proposals D. orders

  32. A power B. strength C. force D. pressure

  33. A take over B. go through C. set down D. put up

  34. A. innovations B. adaptations C. revisions D. modernization

  35. A. source B. base C. centre D. foundation


  Most customer service provision is carried out by personal account managers based in local branches, together with __________ staff at company headquarters.

  1. aid

  2. support

  3. guidance

  4. backing




  (support or help, especially with money。

  查了朗文詞典和劍橋詞典,backing做形容詞時只在朗文詞典里有一種解釋:backing singers



  support staff可以說是一種固定的用法,意思是支持人員,或者是后勤人員、運維人員,填入這個句子的空格處正好合適。

  這是《金融時報》詞典的解釋:Employees whose work is helping a company or organization to operate, for example technical or administrative workers


  21、爭議的焦點可能在B和C之間,supplier 還是provider。

  supplier更側重于提供某種產品(朗文:a company or person that provides a particular product)

  provider強調提供某種服務(朗文:a company or person that provides a service)

  聯系這個空后面的banking serving,這里應該選擇provider。

  23、network 相互關系(配合)的系統

  branch network 由分支機構構成的網絡。


  28、cope with后接事 deal with可接人和事

  handle是及物動詞,后面直接接人和事,相當于deal with

  31、loan application 貸款申請

  apply for loan 固定用法

  33、go through 仔細的查看,后面正好和customer service review搭配。

  driving force和customer base屬于固定用法


  貝爾斯登(Bear Stearns)與中國最大券商中信證券(Citic Securities)正在就去年達成的股份互換協議重新展開談判,以更好地反映協議達成后雙方股價的下跌。

  Bear Stearns and Citic Securities, China’s largest securities firm, are renegotiating the share swap agreement they reached last year to better reflect a subsequent fall in their stock prices.


  Senior executives from both firms are discussing a “reciprocal adjustment” that would increase the amount they eventually hold in each other, according to a person familiar with the matter.


  Under the terms of the deal struck last October, Citic agreed to pay $1bn for securities that would convert to about 6 per cent of Bear Stearns and the US investment bank would eventually pay the same amount for about 2 per cent of Citic.

  這宗交易仍需獲得中國監管機構批準,若交易成功,作為中國國務院控制的中國中信集團(Citic Group)旗下證券交易子公司的中信證券將成為貝爾斯登的最大單一股東。

  The deal still needs regulatory approval in China, but if successful, Citic Securities, the brokerage arm of China Citic Group, which is controlled by China’s cabinet, would BECome the biggest single shareholder of the US investment bank.


  Such a large stake by a foreign investor in a US bank could attract criticism in the US, where some lawmakers have been unnerved by direct investments by sovereign wealth funds from Asia and the Middle East.

  美國聯合經濟委員會(Joint Economic Committee)主席、參議員查爾斯?舒默(Charles Schumer)本周暗示,可能會推動對此類投資實行更嚴格的監管。

  Senator Charles Schumer, chairman of the joint economic committee, this week signalled a possible push for greater regulation of such investments.


  Citic’s stake is likely to be increased to 9.9 per cent of Bear Stearns. The US investment bank’s stake in Citic could eventually be lifted to as much as 7.5 per cent, according to a report from China’s official Xinhua news agency.


  The $1bn investment scale will remain the same, subject to approval from Chinese regulators.


  Bear’s shares have fallen from about $120 when the deal was signed in October to about $80 now. Citic’s shares have dropped 40 per cent to about Rmb71.


  Citic first broached the subject of renegotiating the stake it would take in Bear last November following a precipitous drop in the US bank’s shares, according to people familiar with the matter.


  A Citic spokesman said he had no knowledge of any ongoing negotiations and a Bear spokeswoman in Japan could not be reached for comment.

  一名了解談判情況的人士稱,雙方增持對方股份是“合理的”,反映了雙方股價的下跌。 For the two sides to take larger shares in each other was “reasonable” and reflected their lower share prices, according to one person close to the negotiations.


  Another source familiar with the matter was more sceptical, saying: “It is all speculation driven by our competition which is causing the regulators to become concerned. The prices on both sides have come down but that doesn’t mean that the deal will be renegotiated unless it is in the interest of shareholders on both sides.”


  Read the following text.

  ? Choose the best sentence from the list on page 52 to fill each of the gaps.

  ? For each gap 8 – 12 mark one letter A – I on your Answer Sheet.

  ? Do not mark any letter twice.

  The Cash-free Society

  Imagine a society in which cash no longer exists, Instead, “ cash ” is electronic, as in bank-card Systems. Currency and coin are abandoned.

  ____ example ____ . Theft of cash would BECome impossible. Bank robberies and cash-register robberies would simply cease to occur ____ ( 8 ) ____ . Purse snatchings would become a thing of the past. Urban streets would become safer ____ ( 9 ) ____ . Security costs and insurance rates would fall. Property values would rise. Neighbourhoods would improve.

  Drug traffickers and their clients, burglars and receives of stolen property, arsonists for hire, and bribe-takers would no longer have the advantage of using untraceable currency. ____ ( 10 ) ____ These prosecutions, in turn, would inhibit further crimes.

  In a society devoid of physical money, a change from cash to recorded electronic money would be accompanied by a flow of previously unpaid income-tax revenues running in the tens of billions of dollars. ____ (11) ____

  Cash has been the root of much social and economic evil. ____ (12)____ Eighty percent of Americans regularly use credit cards. The development of a federal system to handle the country’s 300 billion annual cash transactions in the United States electronically is within reach.

  Example: H.

  A. A national electronic-money system would operate as a debit-card system.

  B. Retail shops in once dangerous areas could operate in safety.

  C. As a result, income tax rates could be lowered or the national debt reduced.

  D. The use of cash has diminished substantially since World War II.

  E. Attacks on shopkeepers, taxi drivers, and cashiers would all end.

  F. The emergence of electronic funds-transfer technology makes it possible to change the nature of money and to divorce it from evil.

  G. Almost every present-day cash transaction can be duplicated electronically.

  H. The immediate benefits would be profound and fundamental.

  I. Electronic “money” would leave incriminating trails of data, resulting in more arrests and convictions.

  答案:Questions 8 – 12: E, B, I, C, F












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